The Walks

At the moment, I offer 6 regular Story Walks, starting from a central or easy-to-get-to point in Innsbruck, including one family-friendly Story Walk for parents with younger children with shorter attention spans!  You can also commission a custom Story Walk (ideal for brands, businesses, conferences, promotions and events) or book a private Story Walk for a group or a school.

Please do bear in mind that all Story Walks are currently available in English only.

Tales the Valleys Told

Story Walks in Innsbruck | Tales the Valleys Told | English

Traditional tales from the villages in the valleys of Tirol and other mountainous places, where princes visit the moon, mountains give good advice, and wicked stone women watch from on high…

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 Waterways and River Folk

Story Walks in Innsbruck | Waterways and River Folk | English

A gentle story walk along the River Inn and hear stories about river folk, water sprites and the queer goings on in and around rivers…

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 Life, Death and Deals with the Devil

Story Walks in Innsbruck | Life, Death and Deals with the Devil | English

Let’s walk the streets of Innsbruck surrounded by stories that are profound, funny and occasionally dark about life, death and deals with the devil…

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A Love Like Salt

Story Walks in Innsbruck | A Love Like Salt | English

Love makes us do strange things. Sometimes the results are good. Sometimes less so. Join us as we roam Innsbruck on foot, stopping to take in the views and enjoy stories about madness, salt, families, trust, betrayal and hope.

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Unsettling Streets

Story Walks in Innsbruck | Unsettling Streets | Ghost Walk Innsbruck

Behind every wall, a story. Behind every story, a child-killer, a mass murderer, a ghost, a ghoul, a witch, a rat… An evening of creepy, unsettling tales from many lands.

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Snip, Snap, Snoot: Stories for Wee Folk

Story Walks in Innsbruck | Snip, Snap, Snoot | English

Short, fun, interactive tales specially chosen for children aged 2-10, this selection of folk tales will turn a boring city walk into lots of fun for little people and large!

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Commission a Story Walk

Do you have a conference or brand promotion or event coming up?  Why not incorporate a custom-designed Story Walk or storytelling performance to bring your event or theme to life and give people a unique experience.

After a conversation about what you want to achieve, I can give you some ideas about how I can craft custom Story Walks and storytelling performances for you.

To have a no-obligation exploratory conversation, get in touch.

Private Story Walks for Groups

From groups of tourists to groups of school children, I am always happy to take groups on Story Walks in and around Innsbruck.

You can choose a current Story Walk as your theme, or we can create a Story Walk specifically for your group with stories tailored to the interests or age of the group.

To learn more or to book a group Story Walk, get in touch.